Silk of Kanchipuram

Kanchipuram, known for its silk sarees, requires a lot of silk.  But what type of silk is used in kanchipuram to make a silk saree? Silk is a lustrous filament and it gives a sense of joy, delight and pride for oneself to own a silk saree. The process of rearing silk is called “Sericulture”. Based on the type of leaf fed to silkworm the type of silk filament may vary. In general, silk is grown in farms as well as forest. Temperature plays a vital role for growing silkworms, if not they tend to die. Silk that is used in kanchipuram is a farm silk which is nothing but Mulberry Silks. Farm based silkworms are fed with mulberry leaves and it is very commonly grown in the southern part of India like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Mulberry silk of Tamil NaduMulberry silk for silk saree weaving

These silk filaments are procured from the government co-operative sector where the silks are sold based on the count and amount required by the weaver.

Tamil Co-operative silk federation

The silk is in the raw form where the weaver procures and gives it to the dyer for the dyeing purpose based on the end product colour required by the customer. Pure form of silk is only sold. If the silk is not original the weaver can easily find out through his experience.