Silk maintenance and care

Saree is one of the staples of every woman’s wardrobe. Owning at least one kanchipuram saree is a dream for every woman. So, many of us still find it difficult to maintain a silk saree or silk product. Here are the tips that you can follow easily.

How to wash silk product products?

Laundry Care/ Wash Care:

  1. Dry wash is the best for silk products.
  2. In some emergency cases, if you want to wash silk products at home, hand wash it with mild detergent and do not squeeze after washing. If you want to machine wash do not keep high speed and high water level. Handle with care with gentle wash and mild detergent always. Hand wash is much preferable compared to machine wash and dry clean is the best compared to hand wash.
  3. Use mild detergent and soft water to wash. Lukewarm water is best for washing silk products.
  4. Rinse twice or thrice after soaping and check if the entire fabric or garment is free of soap.
  5. Use a few drops of citric or acetic acid in water and quickly rinse the silk product in the same.
  6. Do not squeeze to remove water.
  7. Do not hang dry the product
  8. Do not dry the product in direct sunlight instead shadow dry it by laying it flat.
  9. Iron with mild heat or select the silk mode button of the Iron box.
  10. Do not sprinkle or dab water before ironing.
  11. Always iron the silk product in the reverse side.

How to store silk products?

Wardrobe Maintenance of a silk product:

  1. First and foremost, whenever you buy a new silk product, remove the packaging boxes, newspapers, plastic wrappers immediately and let it breathe for a few minutes.
  2. Do not expose the silk product where there is a continuous source of light, dust, moisture and also take care from insects.
  3. Store it in a moisture free place (i.e) dry and clean place.
  4. Always avoid piling up silk sarees or any silk products, together or touching each other.
  5. Use a cotton fabric or cotton bag preferably white colour to avoid dye transfer or leakage.
  6. Do not hang the sarees inside the cupboard instead place it horizontal/flat.
  7. Even if you don’t use the product frequently, take out the product and shadow dry it for a few minutes. Also change the fold of the fabric or garment from the previous one.
  8. Do not directly place and store the silk product on wood, iron and plastic bags to avoid stains on the product.
  9. Avoid using naphthalene balls instead use silica sachets on the product. Traditionally Vasambu/ pillai valarpan(Sweet Flag) was used to preserve silk sarees from insects.