Potter raw material

Effect of pandemic and lock down in the state of Tamil Nadu:

The whole state in fact the whole world has been affected economically besides getting affected by corona. Based on the number of positive cases and severity of the virus, lockdown was imposed separately for each district of Tamil Nadu and at times either the state or the entire nation went on a complete lockdown. Due to this many jobs have been affected and people are trying to get back to their own districts and states to continue with their family businesses/jobs in their own village or nearby areas.

Free raw material (Various types of soil) for farmers and pottery artisans by TNPWD:

Farmers, craftsmen, artisans and weavers who work from their own place also had a big problem of selling their goods that were made so far and to start doing new products for which there was no sufficient raw material. Tamil Nadu Public Works Department (TNPWD) is in charge of implementing the state’s irrigation system, making policy & schemes related to water bodies and also deals with the construction of buildings related to the government (Public Buildings). The TNPWD ordered the pottery artisans and farmers to make use of clay, alluvial soil, sediment soil, gravel soil near the water bodies for free under Kudimaramathu Thittam (Voluntary labour contribution). This policy is already in action since 2017. This is a traditional way of practice which was followed during the rule of pandya kings.  There was separate and special exclusion of lockdown for farmers and potters during the month of May,2020 except for highly affected districts like chennai, kanchipuram, chengalpattu and Thiruvallur. So other district farmers and potters were requested to make use of the soil available in their area.