Handmade vinayagar doll

Vellerukku (White crown flower) is a kind of crown flower tree. This tree can survive upto 12 years without water. Vinayagar made out of this wood is believed to provide more spiritual and medicinal values. According to Hindu custom there are few rituals followed to worship this vellerukku/vella erukku pillayar. Vella Erukku Pillayar craft is available at this temple gate of Suryanar Kovil-A Hindu temple located in a small village of Komabakonam, down south of India, where Lord Suryan (Sun God) is considered to be the presiding deity of the temple. Let’s see how this craft is done in detail below. 

Raw materials:

  • Vella Erukku Kattai (White Crown Flower Tree Wood)
  • Chisel
  • Knife
  • Gum(Fevicol)
  • Sandpaper

Preparing Process:

Vellerukku kattai (wood) is procured from the local village.This wood is old and dry. It is lightweight, thin and cylindrical in shape.

Vellerukku kattai

Sculptor Krishnamoorthy at Suryanar Kovil, Kumbakonam is making this craft for more than 10 years.

Handicraft of Tamil Nadu

A small bark of the tree is cut and the sculptor starts sculpting the pillayar using chisel.

Wood handicrafts of Tamil Nadu

He first starts with the crown of the pillayar, face, bottom and finally checks over the entire finish of the doll.

sculpting tools for handicraft

Wood Sculpting of Tamil Nadu

Wood Sculpting of Tamil Nadu

Once the pillayar is done the back part of the doll is rubbed over sandpaper to get a smooth finish.

Wood Doll of Tamil Nadu

End product:

This doll ranges from 2” to 3” in height and costs around Rs.80 to Rs.200. This is then stuck over the stand (Manai)  to have a complete finish.

veleruku vinayagar of Tamil Nadu

Handmade wood craft of India

Vella Erukku Pillayar