Jasmine flower cultivation of tamil nadu

Flower farming in Ariyalur:

Ariyalur district of Tamil Nadu which is famous for Gangaikonda Cholapuram, built by King Rajendra Cholan and also Jallikattu which is celebrated like a festival every year. Due to pandemic there is severe declination in every sort of work. Flower cultivation jobs of Ariyalur is one amongst them. 

Deterioration in flower rates:

Jasmine flower which was sold for Rs.400 per kg before lock down is now sold only for Rs.80 says farmers with sadness. The farmers say that only through this earning they can take care of their children, their studies, family, etc. 

Reason for fall of flower rates:

Due to deterioration in prices of flowers during the second lock down (i.e) the month of May functions like marriage, pooja, housewarming party was all carried out in a conservative manner and any sort of public gathering was strictly not allowed. The price of the flower went down especially Jasmine and the flower pluckers of the farm were paid Rs.40 per day to pluck which was not even sufficient to pass a day’s expense. The plucked flowers were not collected from the farmers due to restriction in transport and traditional happenings. Since there was no profit for the farmer he couldn’t pay back the people who were involved right from beginning to the final stage of yield to pluck the flowers.

No other job they can shift to:

Okay if suppose the farmers who wanted to leave this job and opt for some other job, that was also not possible because no public transport was available due to lock down and majority of the industries were working with 33% of workers and some were also shut as the workers were migrants from other states. Rs.1000 given by the government was also not sufficient, they added.