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This blog is all about saree flat lay photography of retailers who sell sarees online. Photography plays a vital role for e-commerce sites. Let’s see in detail.

Visual Merchandising 

Being 80’s and 90’s kids we have grown up seeing awestruck garment displays of retail outlets, more specifically during festive seasons, while commuting in buses, share-autos or cars. These beautiful displays on the entrance of shops or the arrangement of garments on the shelf are a part of “Visual Merchandising”. Visual Merchandising is showcasing retail products on display based on ideas/concepts/themes using elements or props like lights, mannequins,garments,etc.

Online Visual Merchandising

Now online shopping has become part of our everyday lives. Shopping Online of sarees is a very common scenario.To display products online, ‘photography’ is the main tool. Human models or at times mannequins are used to display products online. Two to three years back, flat lay photography was introduced and in 2019 it became a big hit and it’s still on trend grabbing many customers’ attention to purchase products.

So what is a flat lay photography?

It’s a type of photography method to display products. The product to be sold is kept/placed/aligned/styled on a flat surface, say, table or floor which acts as a staging ground (Base) or backdrop. The photo is taken from top having just a few inches of gap between the base and the camera (i.e) directly above by covering the whole setup inside the frame. Sometimes a little angle change might occur in order to get a better light and view of the product, but too much of angle change cannot be accepted as flat lay. In addition to the main product,if necessary, complementary elements/ flat lay props are used,in contrast to it,to highlight certain concepts.This process of alignment of products on a flat lay is called flat lay composition.

Flat lay photography of sarees:

Saree being an elegant outfit and all time in vogue has always been everyone’s favourite. Majority of the saree retailers are coming up with their websites besides their walk in stores. They started to sell products both online and offline.Though sari retail outlets/ sari brands shoot products with models and celebrities on one side, on the other side, equal importance is given for flat lay photography nowadays where the product itself acts as a model and steals the show. Flat lay photography of sarees generally consist of 6 pictures: Pallu, Body, Border, Blouse,Close up of Butta, sari’s full view, amongst which one image will act as a thumbnail image. These 6 images may exceed or decrease based on the retailer’s requirement. Each image has been provided with a zoom in/ zoom out option for a better user experience of the product.

Most common types of saree alignment on flat lay:

  1. Pleated:The pallu of the saree is made flat by placing a pleated body over it.

Saree photographyImage (Direct Flat lay from top)

Flat lay photography in indiaImage (Angle variation in the flat lay)

  1. Folded: The saree is properly folded and placed flat.

Fashion flat lay Image

fashion flat layImage

3. Random drop: Saree is dropped flat randomly placed without any particular alignment.

Fashion Flat lay photographyImage

Fashion Flat lay photographyImage

Fashion Flat lay Image

Most common flat lay accessories used:

  1. Jewellery accessory:

Jewellery elements are used as element.

 2. Random Accessory:

Any product which is contrast to the product is used as element.

3. Traditional/Antique Accessory:Any antique brass decor is used as elements or props.

visual merchandisingImage

online visual merchandisingImage

4. Floral Accessory: Flowers, leaves or twigs are used as elements.

online visual merchandisingImage

online visual merchandisingImage

How is flat lay photography used in e-commerce sites?

  1. Sales:

Ad promotion:

For advertising the products through social media.

  1. Thumbnail image:

The first image which acts as the representative of the other images present on the product page.

      3. Banners/Sub-banners of the site:

Used as banner or sub-banners in website to depict a collection or product itsellf.

       4. Catalogue:

To create a catalogue to show customers or kind of creating a backup of the own products.

What a Flat lay photography brings to the user?

  1. A good flat lay photo brings the ambiance of an actual in-store.
  2. An innovative way of better shopping experience.
  3. A good visual experience of the product to customers without touching the product.

Advantages of Flat lay photography:

  1. No physical model required.
  2. Frame set is small.
  3. Better on both indoor and outdoor shoots.
  4. Works even at small places with elements.
  5. Acts as one of the major online tools to attract customers with good aesthetics and colour combination.
  6. Less investment.
  7. Can be taken even with a mobile phone.