Tamil Nadu powerloom federation

  1. During the clearance of the second lockdown of Tamil Nadu, the government has exempted the functioning of weaving works.
  2. The powerloom federation head Mr.Mathivanan has mentioned that weaving (i.e) powerloom and handloom has been under MSME.
  3. Next to agriculture, weaving gives a lot of employment to many employees.
  4. As per government rules the weavers will definitely maintain social distance.
  5. In powerloom 4 machines are taken care of by one person only so there is a default social distance and incase of handloom it is done in the weaver’s home itself.
  6. Majority of the powerloom and handloom is in the rural area and there would not be any sort of chaos or disturbance from this part of the industry on this pandemic.
  7. He added that the government has also permitted yarn factories to work with strict sanitary practices.