Masks stitching during corona

How covid-19 has affected the jobs of tailors of Tamil Nadu?

Reason for deterioration of tailors work:

The main reason for the deterioration of tailoring work is more usage of readymade garments in recent times. Two decades back during the time of festival and reopening of academic years of college and school were when tailors received a proper decent wage. Tailors who worked especially on blouses for brides were also earning reasonable pays. Now lives of tailors dependent on this job have become a big question mark. Tailors say that because of the corona, people don’t even get a meal to eat then how they will prefer stitching a new garment. 

Tamil Nadu Thaiyal Thozhilalargal Munnetra Sangam:

The General Secretary and head of Tamil Nadu Thaiyal Thozhilalargal Munnetra Sangam say that tailors’ job has been very badly affected. There were possibilities of earning at least Rs.1000/day but for the past 3 months there is no proper work due to corona. Some tailors even work in big clothing stores who do alterations and other minor stitching works. They are also badly affected.

Months when tailors get proper wages:

At the time of May and June tailors get paid better compared to other months (i.e) when schools and colleges reopen. There were also days when they were earning good at the time of deepavali and pongal but now they are only left with May and June months. Tailors are only dependent on school season. It would be very difficult for them if the government doesn’t provide some funds. They are already set back due to readymade dresses and now because of Corona their shops are closed. If this situation continues their jobs will further deteriorate. Some tailors have proper shops,some work in big showrooms,some work under designers and some have wheelbarrows. 

Need for help:

Only way to come out of this pathetic situation is relief from the government & normal men  and also let them work at least half a day instead of a complete lockdown to help to put their work back on track. 

Contributions by tailors to the public:

During this corona though tailors couldn’t help economically by staying at home they provided masks for free and some of them sold it for Rs.5 to Rs.10 by bringing awareness to the public the importance of the mask. They are also trying to take this to the next level though it’s just a small beginning. Throughout Tamil Nadu they have more than 5000 tailors in the sangam. Though they don’t find any profit in stitching masks, tailors are still helping the public and bringing awareness by making masks. 

PS: This was during the third lock-down of the state. And kindly help your local tailors 🙂