Tamil Nadu is rich for its handicrafts after agriculture. Navratri festival is one of the important festivals of Tamil Nadu where it is celebrated for more than a week.Dolls are very special during Golu of Navratri Season. Every year a new set of dolls are added to the old ones. Navratri is celebrated at houses or temples where the dolls are arranged in stairs which acts as a temporary shelf. These golu dolls are made out of either clay or paper.The clay dolls are small compared to paper mache dolls. In Kanchipuram, golu dolls are made and sold wholesale and the price vary based on material and height of the doll. Here are the few differences between a clay doll and a paper mache doll. 


Paper Mache Doll

Clay Doll

  • Raw Material-Paper
  • Raw Material-Clay
  • Dolls made per day-4 to 5 dolls only can be done per mould.
  • Dolls made per day- 50-100 dolls can be done per mould.
  • Height of the doll- 5 to 12 feet
  • Height of the doll- 1or 2 feet
  • Rate- Rs.1000 to Rs.40,000
  • Rate-Rs.150 to Rs.1000
  • Maintenance-Easy to maintain
  • Maintenance-Handle with care
  • Characteristic-Hard
  • Characteristic-Brittle
  • Paint-Oil Paint is used
  • Paint-Oil Paint is used
  • Robustness-Paper flour mixture itself gives strength to the doll after drying.
  • Robustness-Clay is fired in Kiln for strength.
  • Sunlight source is required to dry the dolls.
  • Temporary Oven like kiln is required to fire the dolls.
  • Man power required is comparatively less.
  • Man power required is comparatively more for each step of the process.
  • Productivity & season: More during the summer season.
  • Productivity & Season: Annual process irrespective of the season.
  • These dolls are very common during pillayar chaturthi and Durga Pooja.
  • These dolls are very common during Navratri season.