Arani weavers and lockdown

Silk weaving in Arani, Tiruvannamalai:

During the first lockdown of Tamil Nadu in the month of March,2020 due to corona more than 50,000 weavers were affected for not being able to do their work (i.e) weaving in Arani of Tiruvannamalai district. Arani town,Sevur,Mullipattu,Irumbedu and more than 15 villages around this area have been dependent on silk weaving to run their routine.

How has corona affected the Arani weavers?

For more than two decades weaving has been the only job for people of this place. Due to no chances of procuring raw material the weaving has been highly affected. They requested the government to provide a separate relief fund for them besides Rs.1000 that was allotted already. 

Government fund for Arani Weavers:

Satish Babu weaver from Thirumani, states that, for the past 30 years weavers have never been idle like this. Maybe due to strike it might be one or two days of closure but for the past one month the work has gone really down. He also states that they got ration provisions and Rs.1000 from the government but it was not sufficient. 

Arani weavers silk saree stocks:

Arani Weavers also requested the government to help in clearing the stocks of sarees that have already been woven by arranging travel or logistics to export or to send it to other parts of the state or country. More than 50,000 crore rupees of silk sarees has been retained in stocks due to lockdown.