About AO

About AO

Interpretation of the Title-Anguli Oppanaiya

Anguli means finger and oppanai means decoration. Yes! Anguli Oppanaiya in tamil language means decoration done by fingers. Both handloom and handicrafts are made with hands and hence this name was a perfect match for my blog. So, in Anguli Oppanaiya you can look for two different streams, namely, Handloom and Handicrafts. This is a traditional textiles and crafts blog, where the reader can know about how the weave or crafts are produced, the history, latest news, research papers and lots more.

Interpretation of the Logo-Anguli Oppanaiya

The salient features of the logo elucidate both handloom that are handmade. This logo depicts the weave pattern by the interlacement of fingers of hands that are placed one over the other. Traditionally the figurines of elephants and fish are commonplace in handicrafts and hence these have been included in the logo. The decoration on the right bottom corner of the logo is the decorative aesthetics of both handloom and handicrafts. In a holistic sense, Anguli Oppanaiya is all about fingers (hands) and finesse.