Every morning waking up in a city like Chennai,I had always wondered how my life would be if I was born in a weaver or craftsman’s family. This is because handloom and handicrafts have always been close to my heart. Back then during my childhood, I was very keen about things that were handmade and love for such things still persist. I was always interested in crafts and my Under-Graduation was one of the reasons to extend my interest towards handlooms as well.

Hi! I am Janani Thiyagarajan. I had completed my under graduation in Bachelors of Textile Technology (B.Tech) from Jaya Engineering College, Chennai and my Post graduation in Design Space(M.Des) from NIFT, Mumbai.I am currently working as a designer.

Blogging about traditional handmade products, traditional crafts, traditional textiles and farming related to textiles and crafts was my long time passion. This blog is all about handloom and handicrafts. Every time when I visit a craftsman or a weaver it is completely a different transition of life for those few hours being with them and experiencing their everyday odds to come up with what they want to. Sharing all of those experiences and learnings with you through my blog is going to be exciting, in addition, there is so much hardship that is put into making those beautiful crafts and I don’t wanna miss anything of that to tell you.

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