Every morning waking up in a city like Chennai, I had always wondered how my life would be if I was born in a weaver or craftsman’s family. This is because handloom and handicrafts have always been close to my heart. Back then during my childhood, I was keen about things that were handmade and love for such things still persist. I was always interested in crafts and my Under-Graduation was one of the reasons to extend my interest towards . . .


Traditional Handmade crafts

Conventional Crafts and its Contemporary Conditions

Things that are handmade have always been valued for its workmanship. This section of my blog consist of the description and details of conventional hand made crafts


Paper Mache is the oldest form of craft for making dolls which originated in China. Later it was spread throughout Asian Countries. Paper Mache dolls are meant for its characteristic – lightweight and sturdy. Paper Mache is a traditional handicraft where the papers are mashed into a paste to make dolls and toys . . .

Weaving, dyeing and printing are the old techniques of creating fabric, garment or surface embellishment. This section of my blog gives you the details of traditional fabric formations and the ornamentation processes.


Traditional Handmade Textiles

Conventional Textiles and its Contemporary Conditions


Koorai Nadu sarees are nine yard sarees which was started weaving 150 years back. These sarees, prevalently known as “Koora Pudavai” are made out of cotton, mixed with silk and was used only on the auspicious occasion of Mangalsutra during Hindus’ Marriage. The term “Koorai” was derived from the name of the place “Koorai Nadu” itself. Koorai Nadu also commonly known as Kornad located in Mayiladuthurai, is a town . . .